Another motorbike trip but this time along the coast from Hue to Hoi An. About an hour away from Hue we made our first stop - a beach called Canh Duong Bay and recommended by our friend in Hue. The area is mostly visited by locals on the weekends and on holidays, and even has a camping site and restaurants. No words can describe the natural beauty of it and surprisingly, there's almost no trash around, something that can often be seen in another beaches.

As we went further south, we found another stunning spot - the Lang Co Bay - where several fishing boats and seafood restaurants by the beach can offer you a deserved rest. Motorbikes are not the most comfortable way of transportation...

Somehow and somewhere we left the coastline behind and started to view only mountains passes ahead. The Hai Van Quan Pass is located just before reaching Da Nang, and together with some old ruins, is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam.

Before entering in Da Nang you have to drive 12km of clear sand beach front. Not bad for a beach in the city. There, we had the goal to see the longest bridge in Vietnam, the Dragon Bridge, which measures 666m in length and was built in a shape of a golden dragon. During the night, it offers a dazzling display of lights, fire, and water that no first-time visitor to Da Nang should miss out.

As we arrived in Hoi An, we discovered that the Lantern Festival was going to happen next day (with the full moon). But to be honest, the city doesn't need any festival, its permanent light decoration leaves to no doubt how beautiful and colourful the city already is. The night market located in the old town also helps with this vibrant feeling.

Tip: visit the Marble Mountains in Da Nang, it's supposed to be an incredible sight, but due to the amount of tourists at the time I kinda lost interest.

Next Stop: Hoi An, Vietnam