After some years cut out from tourism, mainly because of the bordering conflicts between India and Pakistan and some other unrests, like the one in 2016, the Kashmir valley is trying to come back as a popular destination for hiking, nature spotting and relaxation. In Srinagar, more precisely in the Dal Lake, you can find the perfect environment to rest and take some time out of your routine. The lake is actually the only thing interesting in the city of Srinagar, and is famous for its hundred houseboats that serve as hotels and guest houses. The boats occupy a tiny part of the lake and are organised in a different set of rows and canals. To reach them you can take a rowboat from the Boulevard Road or the New Khonakhan Road on the opposite side, which costs between 40-100 INR (until 1,25 EUR) depending on the distance. We stayed at the New Hero of the Day with breakfast and meals included, but sadly no internet or phone service. Internet is something quite difficult to get in the Kashmir area, more if you don't have an Indian SIM card. But no worries, there are internet caf├ęs available in the city. The Lake, besides the houseboats, also offers several tours - like a visit to the floating gardens, where boatmen and women still cultivate and grow organic vegetables and fruits, also plants, for the city's consume.

Note: the Kashmir area is heavily controlled by military and you should always carry your passport with you. To fly out from Srinagar we had to pass around 8 control checks - two outside the airport and the rest inside. Before putting anything in the cargo hold, all baggage must be checked together by you and the controllers.

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