Chaos. Traffic. Noise. Dirt. Smell. Many dogs. Also lost sacred cows, and goats, and why not monkeys. Tuk Tuks. People. Poorness. This is what comes to my mind when describing the capital of India, New Delhi. A city of crazy intense experiences with an old and new side. In the Old Delhi you will be surprised with many raw things, alleyways that probably most tourists cannot handle and simply a lot of confusion. While in the new part, much of the typical brand stores, fast food chains and coffee shops (famed to be the place for the rich). My top 3 to do in town:

- visit the Akshardham, the world's largest hindu temple certified by the Guinness World Record (no electronic devices allowed and all kinds of photos prohibited)
- climb all the way up the tower of the Jama Masjid Mosque for a breathtaking panorama of Delhi
- enjoy the night light show (in English) at the Red Fort, the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years, located in the centre of the Old Delhi

For new-arrivals:
- be careful in the alleyways of the Old Delhi (specially if you’re a woman)
- the price of the tuk tuks is always negotiable, so wait for the drivers to come to you and never the opposite or use the Uber app
- the train tickets to other regions in India have to be mostly booked in advance and there's a class system that sometimes it is too confusing for tourists
- the subway will be your new best friend, modern, cheap and reaching most parts of town
- westerners catch a lot of attention and will be asked to take selfies with the locals
- show respect in temples and other religious sanctuaries by taking off your shoes and socks, and by covering your body (if the clothes are minimal). On this point, always dress modest and never show to much skin
- always buy bottled water and never drink from the tap, also when stated otherwise
- alcohol is not seen as beneficial, so drink in adequate spaces and never in public
- use common sense when dealing with local people, many will try to scam you or try to “help” you in the streets
- prepare your stomach and nose, you will be struck by many unexpected things

How to move around: tuk tuk, taxi, Uber or subway
Where to stay: around the new New Delhi

Next destination: Bikaner, India

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