Trakai is located about 40min by bus from Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, and it´s a wonderful place and popular touristic destination. Best known as a town built on water, Trakai enjoys its quiet and relaxed location in the middle of Trakai Historical National Park and with a waterfront directly to the biggest lake in the region, the Lake Galvė. Most famous between its visitors is the Island Castle, a stone and brick old fortress built in the 14th century and reachable through a wooden bridge. In the old days was home to high aristocrats and presently a shelter to the Trakai History Museum. Even though the area seems small and everything takes about a few minutes walk, the castle surroundings still have a lot to offer - boat trips, trekking trails, craftwork, restaurants and km of forests for family picnics.

Tip: in the whole region you can visit about 21 islands and 200 lakes.

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