Not my favourite country or city, but a good surprise. Pristina is a raw city. A city that already saw a lot and has its history imprinted on the streets, on the people, in its architecture. Now starting to enter in the modern age, Pristina, the young capital of Kosovo and , shows a lot of promise, booming with caf├ęs, restaurants and small local businesses for new tourists coming to town. The lack of public transportation - only by taxi - is of course the biggest disadvantage, also from the airport, where you start negotiating a price (usually you pay 10€ everywhere, it won't be calculated / km) for a ride. For such a small and country, you won't find it cheap! The different backgrounds and religious acceptance - Muslim, Catholic, Jewish - are seen as step forward and easy to spot on throughout the city.

Note: be careful how you negotiate your money.

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