Dublin is a fantastic city, full of energy, trendy shops, history and monuments, and of course, as far as everyone knows, pubs and really good beer. As for the last part, you should without a doubt visit the Guinness Storehouse on the western side of the city. Here, you'll get to know more about the making of beer, taste a fresh Guinness (included in the admission fee) while enjoying a beautiful 360 degrees panorama from the roof top. I think this was by far, with some pubs in the mix, the best of Dublin for me. Pubs are really easy to find all around the city and mainly in the Temple Bar neighbourhood, also known for its busy cobbled pedestrian lanes. With the same name, the Temple Bar Pub is located in a parallel alley to a waterfront street, a few blocks from the Hard Rock Cafe. The area, besides pubs, also offer many restaurant options as well as theaters and the Dublin Castle is just around the corner.  Even though the city is quite big and not everything is nearby, it is also easily walkable. A good walk can be done along the River Liffey and its great number of bridges as far as the Dublin Port in Tolka Quay. On the way, you can find the famous Trinity College, a 47-acre university with a comfortable green perimeter to hang out with friends, and just behind it the Oscar Wilde House and Memorial. I would recommend more than a weekend, around 4-5 days, to have a nice glimpse of all the things the city has to give. Not even mentioning the time you need for the splendid Irish dishes.

Tip: eat and drink until you drop!

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