Bologna is the perfect city trip! In this city you can always find something new by the turn of a new corner or in the infinite archways that look like street ceilings. Here I believe a rainy day would be no challenge. Bologna's city centre grew up within limits, having many entrance gates surrounding it - Porta San Felice, Porta San Vitale, Porta Castiglione, Porta Santo Stefano - and just in this confined surface there's tons of things to see and stuff to do. Starting with its unbelievable number of palazzos, churches and basilicas, you'll have a busy time wandering around. I spent 2 full days in the city and I did concentrated myself more on walking and having a laid-back weekend than on visiting places like crazy. The landmark I enjoyed the most and totally recommend is the medieval structure of the Two Towers, consisting in one small tower called Garisenda and one big tower called Asinelli. Both towers offer tourists the possibility of going up, but if you wish the dazzling 360ยบ panorama view, you'll have of course to climb the taller tower and its 498 steps. It was no funny task!!! Easily detectable due to his height of 97m, the Asinelli Tower is located in the intersection of the roads Via San Vitale and Str. Maggiore, where also many restaurants and shops have their business. Another point of interest is the Piazza Maggiore and the uncountable palazzos in its belt. As I mentioned, if you wish to visit everything in detail, I'd advise a full week holiday.

Tip: pay also a visit to Ravenna, a 1,5 hours away city.

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