Kobe like many other Japanese cities is a modern and powerful one. High buildings, a giant wheel and a big marina bay define its skyline. But for those who visited already another city in Japan, Kobe is no different. However, through a narrow path and just behind the central station, you will be able to find the Nunobiki Falls and the Nunobiki Dam, which are worth the trip there. The hiking trail goes through the Isago-bashi Bridge and up into nature until you uncover the 4 waterfalls that compose the Nunobiki Falls landmark. The trail of stone steps and ramps is actually quite easy to climb, but if you prefer, there's also cable cars available close to the main station. At the top of the park a huge water reservoir and the dam are waiting for you. As well as the Takiyama Castle ruins on the opposite edge. Alongside the road, either up or down, you may run into shrines, bridges, small Buddhist temples and viewpoints overlooking the city, not forgetting the cute cats.

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