Being a bit addicted to trekking trails, my first imprint of Seoul started with a visit to the Bukhansan National Park, located in the northern part and reachable by a 50min train/bus ride from the main centre. The park exists since 1983 and covers an area of around 79 km2 with mainly forested areas, some temples and granite peaks. The three main peaks are the Baekundae with 836m height, the Insubong with 810m, and the Mangnyeongdae with 799m. Due to its popularity with hikers, tourists and locals, some trails are closed on a rotation basis to protect the environment. The Bukhansanseong Fortress is located inside the park, together with its 9.5 km long defensive wall. The trails are quite challenging by themselves, but on a hot spring day, I found them almost like an ordeal. For all hikers luck, there are "stations" to rest, have some drinks and eat (here carefully because of the dogs!). The park has an open schedule and informs all hikers about the closing time. Take a day for the complete trail because an afternoon is not enough to reach the top and come back.

Back in the Yeonsinnae Train Station, several street vendors sell all kinds of fish and seafood. In my case, I already had plans to eat around the Hongdae, or the Hongik University area, widely known for its shopping and food hunting scene, and started on my way there. The 

Tip: Deep Coffee (best coffee combinations ever!!!) in the Hongik University area.

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