Another of mine trekking experiences. Sigulda is a city located on the south limit of Gauja's National Park and about 1 hour away from Riga. And if you're adventurous like me, this report is also for you. Perfect for a day-trip, Sigulda invites you to a walk around nature with many many stairs on the way and some monuments in the mixture. Go from the train station to Sigulda's New Castle, almost at the entrance of the park. From there it is just nature and you can choose to go down or to visit the ruins of the medieval Castle Of The Livonian Order behind the New Castle. Make your way down and cross the river in direction to Gutman's Cave, a not-so-small sandstone cave with historical inscriptions dating from the 17th century. Getting lost in the park is no option so pay attention to your map. To come back to Sigulda's side, either you hike again or take the easy way out - a cable car in Krimulda.

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