The day started at the Nemo Science Museum, which is not far from the Central Station, and offers you an amazing panorama from the rooftop café into the Oosterdok, also the Maritime Museum, and further into the city's downtown, The project is also quite interesting from the outside, looking more or less like a vessel. Close by, the Public Library of Amsterdam also has a rooftop terrace that serves as a great viewpoint for the city (sadly closed for renovation works).

From there we walked until a street market in the well-known De Pijp neighbourhood, where you can find different food stalls and also the famed syrup waffles. The best museums of Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum - as well as the overrated Amsterdam Sign, are located around the urban green space called Museumplein and just a few minutes walk from De Pijp.

Nevertheless the top place to visit in Amsterdam is of course the Heineken Brewery. The Heineken Experience consists of a 2-hour long interactive tour through the beer giant's history and site, including a tasting bar at the end. With the ticket you get a watch strap with two coins, that you can exchange for beer at the bar.

Many say that the city centre is fascinating by day but more appealing by night. This has to do with the Red Light District, an urban area where a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult cinemas are found. Its business hours start as soon as it is dark and go all night long, sometimes also during the day. The term red-light district comes from the red lights used as signs of brothels, meaning that they are are open for operation.

How to move around: rented bicycle, ferry or subway
Where to stay: Hotelboat Fiep in the Nemo area
Where to eat: around the red light district

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