An unusual post from my part but I think it can be helpful for anyone planning to have an adventure like mine. While preparing for my world trip, starting on the 23rd February 2018 with my partner, I did many budget and cost planning charts, country-searching, to-do lists and I used the most brilliant pack-scheme (credited to

This can be of course edited accordingly to the type of travel, personal choices and/or travel duration.

- Passport
- Vaccination pass
- International driver's license
- Diving pass and logbook (in case you have)
- International insurance proof
- Credit cards (Maestro + Visa)
- Cash (a few hundred US$ or Euros)
- 4x Passport pictures (waterproof packed)
- Waterproof copies of all documents
- 1x Pen
- 1x Small notepad
- 1x Travel diary (if not online)
- Information for emergencies (copy in each piece of luggage, in English):
• Name, address, nationality
• Blood type, allergies, diseases
• Contact person at home
• Information about blocking credit cards (emergency phone numbers, card numbers)
• Information about insurance (emergency phone numbers, description of tariffs, insurance numbers)

- 1x Headgear (for ex. baseball cap)
- 1x Mosquito trousers and 1x long arm shirt (I recommend the new Nosilife from Craghoppers)
- 2x Lightweight trekking shirts
- 1x Lightweight fleece pullover
- 1x Fleece or soft shell jacket with zipper
- 1x Light rainjacket (nylon / GoreTex) as a windbreaker
- 10x T-shirts / blouses
- 2x Trekking pants, with or without zip-off
- 1x Light summer pants
- 2x Shorts
- 2x Underpants or leggings
- 10x Underwear
- 2x Sports bra (for women)
- 1x Swimsuit / Bikini
- 3x Pair of trekking socks
- 7x Pair of normal socks
- 1x Belt

- 1x Lightweight hiking boots with GoreTex
- 1x Flip-flops

- Middle travel towel
- Small travel towel
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
- Shower gel
- Shampoo
- Deodorant
- Comb or brush
- Nail scissors or clippers
- Nail-file
- Paper tissues
- Cotton swabs
- Refreshing wipes
- Pocket mirror
- Sun Milk with high LF
- Mosquito repellent
- Labello sun
- Foot powder
- Travel pharmacy
- For men:
• Wet shaver
• Replacement blades
• Shaving cream
• Bleeding suppressant
• Condoms
• After Shave, transferred to 50ml plastic bottle
- For women:
• Tampons, bandages
• If necessary, anti-baby pill

- Sleeping bag inlay made of silk, cotton or fleece (depending where you go)
- Hammock with mosquito net
- Small pillow case
- Ear plugs

- Paperback book (exchange after reading)
- MP3 player / iPod
- Card game or dices

- Camping cutlery (or just a spoon-fork)
- Small container for pepper + salt

- Swiss army knive
- Safety pins

- Laptop with neoprene protective cover
- Camera with bag (I recommend a Gopro or similar)
- Mini tripod or others
- Battery replacement
- Charger
- Camera cleaning set (brush, alcohol spray, lens paper)
- Memory cards / DVDs
- Plug adapter
- External hard drive for image capture

- Travel guide
- Mascot
- Sunglasses
- LED flashlight
- Lighter
- Mini compass with thermometer (sometimes incl. in phone)
- Wallet dummy with:
• Few bills in local currency
• US$ 10-20
• Expired credit cards

- Drinking bag for water
- Backpack with stable rain cover
- Daypack bag
- Money belt
- Toiletry bag
- Dirty laundry bag (cotton)
- Plastic bags for packing clothes or packing cubes
- 10x Zip freezer bags

The complete template, as well as many other travel tips, can be found in this website (in German): 

Have a safe journey!!!

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