Zadar is such a relaxed city that you will feel bad about being so lazy. In the summer season there's nothing better than just enjoy the sunny weather, eat some ice creams and walk around a city, where the half of the streets are sheltered by shadows. Perfect for a shopping spree and to discover some good ancient architecture, Zadar has part of its archeological sites open to the public and spread out through the city. So don't be amazed when you find a column in the middle of a normal street! Like Dubrovnik, almost every big city in Croatia grows inside walls and this is again the case of Zadar and its many gates. The main gate follows the path of the bridge Gradski connecting it to the city centre. Yes, I forgot to mention that Zadar is almost an half island, when seen from above. Another important gate is called the Land Gate and is located just outside the Queen Jelena Madijevka Park and gives you access to the five Wells Square. Many other piazzas can be found close by, just like the People's Square surrounded by historic buildings or the area confined between the Saint Anastasia Church, the St. Mary's Church and the Crkva Sv. Donata, which is the main archeological field. This no-name area stands directly in front of the water and a few steps further from the Sea Organ. Now here is my favourite place in all Zadar. The Sea Organ is like a piano, an architectural sound art object which plays music through the sea waves and tubes that are underneath its stairs. Just beside it, wait for the sunset and you'll have a wonderful time "playing" with The Greeting to the Sun Monument - solar panels that generate a colourful light show at night and are displayed on the floor beneath you.

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