One small capital, a lot of awesome coffee shops. I never expected that Podgorica would be so alive, but the fact is that the city is growing well and has a really young and chilly vibe, where people enjoy the most of the time outside. The old town is basically what the city has to offer in terms of tourism, not speaking of course about the area around the city. There you can meet locals, drink some coffee or tea, have some handmade sweets, or even better, a typical meal. Most coffee shops have seats and tables outside (I imagine only in the hot months) as well as sunshades for you to hide. Another must-see in the city is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, which is located on the other side of the river Morača, about a 20min walk from the old town. To arrive there you can go trough the Njegošev Park and then cross the famous Millennium Bridge to the new part of the town.

Tip: please stop a bit at the Cathedral to admire its interior and beautiful paintings.

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